Captain Trevor Clarke
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As an experienced Captain operating in both the private and commercial sector I am used to working within a dynamic and ever changing environment. I have a full and varied knowledge of the maritime industry working in various disciplines such as an electrical leading hand to the position of Captain. I’m a confident Captain/team leader and decision-maker, as you would expect from a competent and experienced Captain something that both the crew and guests recognize which instills confidence and motivation on board.

My water sports interest started at a very young age, as my family owned and operated a sea side resort. I had two older brothers to guide me. My first interest was with surfing and windsurfing which then developed into sailing competitively. Alongside teaching children to swim, snorkeling and kayaking from way before the age of ten. Spear fishing, scuba diving, game fishing, commercial fishing and recreational diving for Cray fish and water skiing.

Also at this time I developed responsibility, I was encouraged by my family to work in resort shop, garage and resort which allowed me to develop my people skills as well as dealing with finance from a young age.

On finishing school and obtaining awards for academic excellence achieving the highest grades in my year. I then decided to complete a four year electrical apprentiship by day and additional electronic certificates by night.

On completion of my appretaship I achieved a senior position with up to thirty people under my direction.

I then re entered the hospitality industry with a watersports position on an exclusive resort island on the great barrier reef, here I used all my previous skills instructing guests in snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, fishing and waterskiing. I also organized guest reef eco tours and other guest events.

Further into my experience here I eventually captained the dive and game boats for this resort. During this time I obtained my commercial captains and engineering certificates.

During the time on this remote island I gained my private fixed wing plane license and some helicopter experience.

This is where the transition into the mega yacht industry occurred. I obtained my first job in Fort Lauderdale as a chief engineer and also worked towards transferring all of my commercial Australian licenses to MCA yachting qualifications. Also during this time I completed the commercial helicopter license. I gained helicopter experience working weekends during Arial photography of mega yachts and offshore power boat racing achieving 500 commercial hour’s flight time.

I captained boats in the United States, then moved to Australia to build an expedition boat which I oversaw throughout construction then ran the vessel as captain and helicopter pilot doing private exploration trips, TV documentaries and research projects until the vessel was sold.

I then went to Fiji to pick up a vessel which was then used in Australia by ‘Warner Brothers’ for a movie called ‘Fools Gold’. I captained the vessel for the entire movie shoot.

On completion of the Movie in Australia I returned to America. I began captaining mega yacht Allegria; a busy private and charter vessel operating in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

My childhood upbringing and experience thereafter has led to my interest, enthusiasm and motivation in what I do to this day.

Some of my personal attributes are:

  • Hard working and loyal employee.
  • Longevity on vessels.
  • Experienced in complex navigation areas
  • Experienced in construction and refits
  • Excellent rapport with owners, charters and crew
  • Experienced Captain on private and charter vessels


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