Captain Trevor Clarke
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Your foresight in perceptiveness in such a relaxed and natural manner made our experience immensely pleasurable and more restorative than any of us could have ever imagined.



The incredibly professional way that you managed your crew while still receiving the utmost respect was a pleasure to witness and be part of.



During the 15 days that we spent onboard everyday was full of unique experiences that made the most perfect holidays.



I am impressed how a relatively small crew could achieve so much and how professionalism was made to look so simple and enjoyable.



Thanks to your perceptive insight to our individual ways, all the family’s different needs were met; my husband had a peaceful time, the children were entertained beyond their expectations, which filled with the wonder of visiting places that will satisfy their childhood memories that will last a lifetime.



We have chartered many larger vessels but by far this was the most enjoyable and professional experience.



My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our incredible vacation onboard – a trip that provided memories which will last forever. You and the crew provided us with a luxury class service and left no stone unturned in insuring we had a fabulous time.


I looked up the name, Allegria, and found that it meant “joy or jubilation’ – we had both! Thanks so much for all that you and your crew did to ensure this was our family’s most memorable vacation ever. Please pass on our “thanks” to the crew. It’s only Monday and we miss you already. Here’s wishing you calm seas and friendly ports.





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