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Date of birth: 3 October 1969
Nationality: Australian
Health: Very good, non-smoker

Contact Details

Phone: +1 954 3050029
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Maritime Objective

To obtain a Captains position on one of the Elite Motor Yacht’s in the Industry.

Brief Summary of Maritime Experience

Over 20 years in the maritime industry I have gained a wide range of experience, both in commercial and private sectors.
As a Captain I have operated and managed commercial boating operations in remote locations catering for exclusive guests. I have operated mega-yachts in the USA, Caribbean, Mediterranean and South pacific waters. I have supervised the building of new vessels to class certification, vessel extensions and refitted vessels maintaining their class certification.

I obtained my first captains license when I was 20 years old. My family owned and operated a Mechanical Garage and Marine repair business. I was raised at the entrance to some of the roughest waters in Australia, Queenscliff, a small fishing village located at the entrance to Bass Strait.

I enjoy my work and have always set my standards to the highest level and expect no less from my crew. This has ensured the operation of the most professional and safe vessels. I have assisted in many sea search operations and vessels in distress.


As an experienced Captain operating in both the private and commercial sector I am used to working within a dynamic and ever changing environment. I have a full and varied knowledge of the maritime industry working in various disciplines such as an electrical leading hand to the position of Captain. I’m a confident Captain/team leader and decision-maker, as you would expect from a competent and experienced Captain something that both the crew and guests recognize which instills confidence and motivation on board.

  • Hard working and loyal employee.
  • Longevity on vessels.
  • Experienced in complex navigation areas
  • Experienced in construction and refits
  • Excellent rapport with owners, charters and crew
  • Experienced Captain on private and charter vessels


  • Master Class 4 Captain (MCA – 3000 Ton STCW 95)
  • Master Class 4 Captain (Australian commercial - U.S.L. Code)
  • Master Class 4 Captain (Cayman Is. C.O.R.- 3000 Ton STCW 95)
  • Marine Engineer Y 2 (MCA – 3000 Ton STCW 95)
  • Marine Engineer MED 1 (Australian commercial - U.S.L. Code)
  • Commercial Helicopter Pilot (America)
  • Private Helicopter Pilot conducting commercial changeover (Aust)
  • Dive Master / Dive Instructor (NAUI)
  • Electrical Mechanic, Electrical Fitter and Electronics Certificates
  • GMDSS Radio communications (MCA - STCW 95)

Employment History

Date: 02/2007 – Present
Vessel: 151 ft Harkvoort “Allegria” former “Flamingo Daze”
Position: CAPTAIN

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  • Joined the vessel not long after the change of ownership and have made improvements to suit the present owner.
  • Operating as a busy private / charter vessel in the Mediterranean and Caribbean
  • Areas of operation Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Corsica, Sardinia, Spain, Florida, Bahamas and all of the central Caribbean
  • Have received excellent charter feedback and return booking, with comments such as: ‘this has been the best holiday in my entire life’.
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Date: 09/2006 – 02/2007
Vessel: 138 ft Richmond /Sovereign yacht “Keri Lee” former “Status Quo”
Position: CAPTAIN

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  • Took delivery of the vessel in Fiji and completed a month of charters.
  • In a very short time frame relocated to Australia and modified and improved the vessel for Warner Brothers.
  • Successfully obtained a restricted flag certificate to operate with 70 passengers plus crew.
  • Completed a 3-month charter 7 days a week 18 hour days for Warner Brothers. For a movie called “Fools Gold”.
  • As we were the movie boat we looked after all the actors onboard, actors included KATE HUDSON, MATHEW McCONAUGHEY and DONALD SUTHERLAND.
  • Changed a badly maintained vessel into a fully operation and safe vessel. Implementing operational procedures and preventative maintenance and maintenance records.
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Date: 09/2004 – 09/2006
Vessel: 103 ft Expedition vessel with Helicopter “ULYSSES BLUE”
Position: CAPTAIN / Helicopter Pilot

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  • Helped during the design stages of this expedition vessel
    with full helicopter operation.
  • Took over as Captain during the final stages of construction and commissioning.
  • Conducted voyages all around the Australian coast and near by waters. Private exploration trips, TV documentaries and research projects.
  • During the trips the Helicopter was in use daily by the owner and myself, conducting film work, providing guest access to remote locations, medical transfers and general sight seeing.
  • Implemented a complete operation and maintenance recording system
  • Prepare vessel for sale

Date: 10/2003 – 02/2004
Vessel: 106 ft Westport “Ginny Lee”
Position: CAPTAIN

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  • Took delivery of a brand new vessel
  • Extended the vessel from 98 to 106 foot, this increased the vessel speed and also added a game fishing cockpit. We also improved the crew accommodation.
  • I left the vessel to deal with a family illness and loss.
Date: 02/2003 – 09/2003
Freelance employment and qualification upgrades
Postion: Buyer’s Rep / Captain

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  • Buyer’s representative for the purchase of the 143 ft charter vessel with helicopter “STAR SHIP”
  • Deliveries and other various yacht projects.
  • Conducted all the necessary training to keep all my qualifications current.
Date: 09/2002 –02/2003
Vessel: 160ft Feadship “M/Y MAYAN QUEEN III”
Position: CAPTAIN

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  • Took over the vessel as Captain during a 4-month major engine room improvement.
  • Completed all sea trials and commissioning as Captain
  • After successfully completing all work I unfortunately had to leave the vessel due to a serious family illness.
Date: 1999 –2002
Vessel: 160ft Feadship “M/Y MAYAN QUEEN III”
Position: ENGINEER / Relief Captain

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  • Joined the vessel in the Bahamas then cruised in the Caribbean
  • Supervised major engine room refit in conjunction with a 13-month refurbishment project at Derecktors Shipyard, Florida.
  • Cruising Bahamas, Caribbean, Grenada, Mexico, Belize and Honduras.
Date: 1998 – 1999
Vessel: 132ft Hakvoort “M/Y MAYAN QUEEN II”
Position: ENGINEER / Relief Captain

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  • Completed shipyard work at Derecktors Shipyard before Cruising the Bahamas and the Florida Keys and then preparing the vessel for sale.
  • Assisted as relief Captain when required.
Date: 1996 – 1998
Vessel: 55ft Charter Boat “M/V SERRANIDAE”
Position: CAPTAIN

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  • Captain and Manager of Charter Boat operation for Lizard Island Lodge, an exclusive 5 Star Resort located on the Great Barrier Reef and rated in the Top 10 Island Resorts in the World.
  • Involved in the design and construction of the build of M/V Serranidae”
  • Captain of M.V. Volare and M.V. Coocoran during same period.
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Date: 1996 – 1998
Vessel: 46ft Charter boat “M/V VOLARE”
Position: CAPTAIN

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  • Captain of this vessel while new boat was under construction and change over period.
  • Running dive operations at the World famous “Cod Hole”
  • Refitted vessel and handled all aspect of vessel sale
  • Captain of M.V. Serranidae and M.V. Coocoran during same period.
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Date: 1996 – 1998
Vessel: 43ft Charter Boat “M/V COOCORAN”
Position: CAPTAIN

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  • Relief Captain when required.
  • Fishing for the largest Black Marlin in the World, some fish well over 1,000 lb’s.
  • Captain of M.V. Serranidae and M.V. Volare during same period.
Date: 1995–1996
Vessel:125ft Wave - Piecing Catamaran “M/V Quicksilver VIII”
Position: FIRST MATE

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  • Wave - Piercing Catamaran traveling at 38 knots operating in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
  • Assisting the Captain with navigation of the high-speed vessel through Complex Reef Systems and Docking.
  • Assisting the Engineer with breakdown repairs mostly on the run in critical situations.
Date: 1992–1995
Employer: Lizard Island Lodge

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  • Teaching Open water dive courses, introductory dive courses and refresher courses.
  • Conducting water-skiing, barefoot skiing and giving ski instruction for beginners.
  • Management of Water sports Staff and day-to-day operation.

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Date: 1991-1992
Employer: Gordon McKay Electrical Contractors
  • Leading hand in charge of overseeing sections of a major Cement Industry (Cement Mill Project), a project that computerized an entire manual factory process on to one Control Computer.
  • In charge of 10-20 staff. Works involved wiring, testing and commissioning Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s), dust precipitators and associated control and motor wiring.
  • Involved maintaining operation outputs whilst progressively introducing computerized system to stringent time frames sometimes working 24 hours shifts to ensure continuity of plant operations.
Date: 1986-1990
Employer: Geelong and District Group Apprentices Ltd
  • Completed 4 year Apprenticeship with Geelong TAFE College
  • Completed 4 year Electronic Certificate (Extra Curricular Studies)
  • Domestic and Commercial Installations
  • Manual / Electronic Drafting of Electrical Wiring Diagrams
  • Motor Fitting and Wiring
  • Computer Installation
1986 – 1992 Various small vessels
Temporary Captain or crew
  • Worked weekends and after hours on dive boats, fishing boats and commercial vessels


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