Captain Trevor Clarke
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Year of birth: 1969
Nationality: Australian
Health: Very good, non-smoker

Maritime Objective

To obtain a Captains position on one of the Elite Motor Yacht’s in the Industry.

Brief Summary of Maritime Experience

Over 20 years in the maritime industry I have gained a wide range of experience, both in commercial and private sectors.
As a Captain I have operated and managed commercial boating operations in remote locations catering for exclusive guests. I have operated mega-yachts in the USA, Caribbean, Mediterranean and South pacific waters. I have supervised the building of new vessels to class certification, vessel extensions and refitted vessels maintaining their class certification.

I obtained my first captains license when I was 20 years old. My family owned and operated a Mechanical Garage and Marine repair business. I was raised at the entrance to some of the roughest waters in Australia, Queenscliff, a small fishing village located at the entrance to Bass Strait.

I enjoy my work and have always set my standards to the highest level and expect no less from my crew. This has ensured the operation of the most professional and safe vessels. I have assisted in many sea search operations and vessels in distress.


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